Too Good To Be True? - Crypto ‘Mining’ Exposed Part 1 of ? - My Gut Tells Me… In the coming weeks I will be taking you along with me on an investigation into a potentially suspicious cryptocurrency mining website. Starting from a single website I will show how through (mostly) passive OSINT techniques we can gain valuable insights into how some cryptocurrency frauds operate, identify other websites potentially controlled by the same person(s) and look at bypassing measures that the fraudsters use to hide themselves.

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Archiving Websites for OSINT Investigators Adapted from a presentation given to the National Child Protection Task Force in June 2021 Why Archive? It is a challenge for investigators to properly capture the content and context of information from websites. Modern websites are rarely comprised of simple html content hosted in a single location (I realise the irony of this appearing on a website built in exactly this way using Hugo).

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